A grease separator is used for separating and retaining fats from domestic waters, mainly from the kitchen but also from the non-biodegradable light liquids that can come from the washing machine as well as from the shower. As the range of use for fat separators, we are talking about a variety of branches of meat and milk industry, but also in restaurants and fast foods.

Fats are substances of vegetable or animal origin with a density lower than 0.95 grams / cc, which are partially or totally insoluble in water.

We designed and built a model of fat separators with parallelepiped shape (A – for flow rates of 0.5 l / sec and 1 l / sec) and the horizontal cylindrical shape (B – for flow rates over 1 l / sec). They are made of polyester reinforced with glass fiber with a thickness between 0.3 cm – 1 cm depending on the volume.

Regarding the legislation in force, any restaurant, bar, fast-food, etc. must discharge the waste water, loaded with fats and vegetable oils, in separators of fats and after separation, in a sewerage network or purification system.

A fat separator has 3 distinct zones with different roles inside: – mud trap, fat storage zone – with distinct functional role, clearing/settling zone;

Each compartment is pre-sized according to the inlet flow, to allow the time required to sediment the coarse part, to separate the fats and oils and their storage and then to clear the water in order to be discharged into the centralized sewerage network or in an alternative treatment system. (ecological septic tank or treatment plant).

The water drained from the kitchen, filled with organic slurry reaches the decantation area where coarse separation takes place with the help of specially designed partitions. Subsequently, due to the density difference to water, fats are separated and kept in the grease storage zone.

Water separated from such fats and sludge, reaches the outlet where, with the help of another partition wall with the role of spillway, the last process of settling fine suspensions takes place.

Grease separator SG 1000

  • Volume Util – 1000 liters
  • Dimensions – Ø 0.9 m , L 1.6 m
  • Grease separation area 580 liters
  • Grease storage area 100 liters
  • Coarse storage area 420 liters
  • 15 years warranty

Grease separator SG 2000

  • Volume Util – 2000 liters
  • Coarse storage area 420 liters
  • Grease storage area 1080 liters
  • Grease separation area 200 liters
  • Coarse storage area 620 liters
  • 15 years warranty
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