Polyurethane Foam Insulation – Advantages:
Poza Spuma Poliuretanica
  • The most efficient material on the market in terms of heat transfer coefficient – 0.022 W/m*K, better than polystyrene XPS – 0.039 W/m*K or basalt 0.031 W/m*K
  • You can save up to 50% on heating and cooling costs compared to traditional materials
  • Save a lot of time through speed of application – a specialized team can apply up to 1000 square meters per day
  • Creates a perfect seal compared to conventional thermal insulation systems without thermal bridging
  • High adhesion on a wide range of building materials, can be applied to virtually any type of material at any angle of inclination
  • An insulation of 3-5 cm of polyurethane foam = 15 cm of polystyrene / 15-20 cm of mineral wool
We make insulation – open cell foam with density of 15 kg/mc, closed cell foam with density from 35 to 1000 kg/mc.
Polyurea – Advantages and Applications:
Poza Spuma Poliuretanica
  • Excellent resistance to a wide variety of temperatures, UV rays and extreme weather phenomena
  • High resistance to mechanical damage – heavy traffic, scratches, abrasions
  • Excellent resistance to water and moisture – including seawater, waste water
  • High resistance to various chemicals – sulphuric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acid, gasoline
  • Pure polyurethane waterproofing, blocks, basements, industrial halls, parking lots, foundations and vertical walls with high resistance to mechanical and chemical factors
  • Hydro and thermal protection for fuel tanks, steel and reinforced concrete pipes
  • Waterproofing of ponds, swimming pools, reservoirs and hydrotechnical constructions: dams, irrigation canals, etc.
  • Anti-corrosion coating for structural steel in shipbuilding, steel construction, bridges, etc.
View – Video application method
Polyurethane Foam vs. Classical Materials:

Polyurethane foam is recommended for respiratory sensitivities unlike mineral wool which leaves dust and particles in suspension

Foam can be applied in a short time without any other related accessories compared to the vast majority of classic materials that require adhesives or complementary systems that can peel off over time.

Foam is one of the lightest forms of insulation compared to mineral wool which has considerable weight, exerting loads on the structure


Foam forms a closed surface on any structure model unlike other materials which cannot be mounted without unsealed spaces, resulting in heat loss.

Polyurethane foam

starting with €10per. square metre


starting with €28per. square metre
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