For a variety of fields and custom design

We fold according to the needs of our clients and we can manufacture tanks according to their sketches. We manufacture tanks for a wide range of applications from drinking water tanks, which use alimentary resin to the fuel storage tanks.
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Liquid tanks for: rainwater (to capture water from the roof and re-use it)

Liquid tanks for: water discharged from the treatment plant (contains many soil fertilization agents and a use to irrigate green spaces is indicated)

Liquid tanks for: drinking water retention (when the building is connected to an individual water adduction of the drilled well)

Liquid tanks for: carwashes (for the capture of used water and its reintroduction into the system after passing through a hydrocarbon separator)

Liquid tanks for: fuels, for almost any type of fuel, fiberglass does not chemically react with petroleum-based fuels, the manufacturer will be consulted for other types of fuels.

When choosing the location of the reservoir, the slopes with steep, unstable slopes or which may lose their stability through excavation works and lands with groundwater on the surface, macroporic, taxable or with low load capacity will be avoided.


  • Useful volume – 8000 liters
  • total volume – 8700 liters
  • Dimensions – Ø 1.6 m , L 4.3 m
  • Double reinforced X winding fiberglass
  • 15 years warranty


  • Useful volume – 13000 liters
  • Total volume – 14000 liters
  • Dimensions – Ø 2.5 m , I 3 m
  • Double reinforced X winding fiberglass
  • 15 years warranty
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We answer any questions regarding our wastewater treatment systems. Depending on your location, there is a consultant who will answer telephone questions and will move if necessary, to properly evaluate the mounting circumstances.

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