Domestic wastewater is the result of using drinking water (and in a few cases of rainwater) to satisfy household needs (kitchen, toilets, showers, bathroom). These waters contain suspended or dissolved solids of mineral and organic nature, in particular organic compounds of nitrogen and phosphorus and cannot be discharged into the natural environment without being previously purified at a municipal wastewater treatment plant or monobloc wastewater treatment plants. Most wastewater treatment systems using the active sludge cleaning technique have a continuous operation (the air is continuously blown). Thus, the circulation of water between compartments is not controlled (it is done on the principle of communicating vessels).

Under these conditions, the quality of the treated water depends on the fluctuations of the flow. In case there are no constant inputs of wastewater, the microorganisms in the active sludge could die because they do not have a food source, and in the case of overfeeding, the retention time required for purification is not ensured, and the evacuated water does not correspond to European quality norms. The solution is an SBR treatment plant.


SBR treatment plants for the treatment of domestic wastewater (capable of taking and purifying waste water from 4 to 300 equivalent inhabitants) are intended for a use by private homes, holiday homes, pensions, hotels, corporate headquarters, production sites etc., which are not connected to a centralized sewerage system, even temporarily inhabited.


Incorporating state-of-the-art technology in the field of wastewater treatment (SBR sequential batch reactor), SBR is a treatment plant that ensures a quality of purified water that allows its discharge into any natural receiver such as rivers and any natural source of flowing waters.


The SBR wastewater treatment plants ensures a wastewater treatment degree of up to 98% (Laboratory Data) if the system is correctly pre-sized and the regulations in force about the water parameters when entering a wastewater treatment plant are ensured (NTPA 002). The degree of purification from our treatment plants ensure that they comply the NTPA 001 which is the European norm for discharge into any natural receiver.

Waste water supply

The waste water enters the first compartment where the solid matter gravitational decanting takes place, and due to the density difference between fats and water, the separation of fats takes place, rising to the upper part of the decanter compartment.


From the half of the decanter compartment, with the help of an airlift, the reactor compartment is fed, where, through a sequence of aeration processes with different time-stages, the decomposition of the organic parts of the active sludge takes place in the presence of nutrients: nitrogen and phosphorus, nitrification and denitrification and others processes of decomposition and demineralization of organic matter.

Settling (Clearing)

In this phase, the light sediment in suspension is allowed to be deposited on the bottom of the aeration compartment, and the clear water remains in the upper part, from where it will be taken over by the evacuation air-lift.


The evacuation of clear water takes place from the upper part of the clearing compartment and is sent to a secondary settling compartment, from which samples can also be taken. The evacuation of the water can be into natural receivers, in the area, in an absorbent well or it can be stored in a container for later use, according to European regulations.


Recirculation of sludge or separation of the active sludge from the emulsion, and the return of part of the sludge to the aeration basin is done after the clear water has been drained. The sludge is transferred back to the primary treatment compartment, where the process resumes, thus ensuring a complete treatment cycle.


  • Volume Util – 3000 liters
  • Dimensions – Ø 1.6 m , L 1.8 m
  • 5 stages in each cycle
  • Automatic stage controller
  • Secoh Air pump
  • Double reinforced X winding fiberglass
  • 15 years warranty


  • Volume Util – 4000 liters
  • Dimensions – Ø 1.6 m , L 2.4 m
  • 5 stages in each cycle
  • Automatic stage controller
  • Secoh Air pump
  • Double reinforced X winding fiberglass
  • 15 years warranty
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